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Anovator M0 body composition analyzer

Measuring Frequency 20 kHz, 100 kHz
Electrode Type 8 Point Electrodes
LED Touch Screen 10.1" Color Touch Screen
Power AC 220V | 50/60Hz
Warranty Period 1 Year


User ID Login/Phone Number Login
On Screen Results
Printable Results
Handle Grips
Body Fat Percentage
Muscle Mass
Visceral Fat Area
Subcutaneous Fat Area
Protein Content
Total Body Water
Skeletal Muscle
Fat-Free Body
Bone Mass
Body Age
Obesity Degree (%)
Desirable Weight
Weight Control
Fat Control
Muscle Control
Segmental Muscle
Segmental Body Fat
Body Type Classification
Body Posture Analysis
Total Energy Expenditure (kcal)
Calorie Consumption (kcal/hour)
Expected Fat Burning (kg)
Target Body Fat
Exercise Program Advice
Estimated Completion Period
Body Composition History
Pervious Data Comparison

M0 Body Composition Analyzer

Screen Host Brand Anovator
Product Name Body Composition Analyzer
Model M0
Color White
Operating System Android 7.1
Camera 1080P
Material Tempered Glass Led Screen + Aluminum Alloy
Size & Weight Product Size Host: 1215mm*162.5mm*206.3mm
Base: 124.5mm*450mm*595mm
Package Size
Weight 45KG
Display Screen Screen Size 10.1 Inch
Screen Type 1280*800 IPS HD Touch
Technical Parameters Measurement methods 8-point contact electrodes, multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis technology
Frequency 20,100 kHz
Electric Current <280uA
Power consumption 60VA
Function parameter Report Phone/Paper Print Report/Web
Voltage Input: AC 220V,50/60Hz
Output:DC 12V,5A
Transmission Port USB3.0/Bluetooth/Wired/Wireless
Height Range 80-200cm
Weight Range 0-200kg
Age Range 3-99 years old
Operating Environment Internet Connection Required
Temperature: 10-40℃, Humidity: 30%-75%
Do not place the device by the window to avoid direct sunlight.
Do not shine direct light on the device screen.
Do not hit the device hard.
Save the environment Temperature: -20~70℃, Humidity: ≤95%