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Smart Body Analyzer A5

We are committed to providing accurate, scientific, comprehensive, and convenient human data services to various industries.

Product Features

Professional human body data service provider

A5 All-in-One Automatic Assessment: Body composition analysis, balance test, reaction test, blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate, lung capacity, vision, skipping rope, and posture risk analysis.

AI Skeletal Point Analysis

Professional human body data service provider

Rapidly establish human skeletal points through a high-definition camera to analyze posture risk.

Physical Fitness Test Report

Based on the data from the report, a customized plan will be developed to make the goals more specific.

Comparing historical data will provide a clear understanding of the individual's progress and transformation.

8-Electrode Bioelectrical Impedance Technology

Involves transmitting signals between different electrodes to detect corresponding impedance and its changes in various parts of the human body, obtaining relevant physiological information.

Anovator A5

The Most Advanced Machine, Featuring Multiple Integrated Functions, Suitable For All Age Groups.

Anovator M3

Suitable For The Elderly, Providing Vital Health Data To Monitor Body Functionality.

Anovator M1

Ideal For Fitness Centers, Streamlining Measurement Time, And Enhancing Testing Efficiency.

Anovator M0

Focusing on body composition analysis, streamlined functions are more suitable for fitness users.

Asked Questions

Please contact us at and we will be in touch within a day.

Just depend on your actual request and door to door services by air or by sea is acceptable. Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, air; and the sea transportations.

1. Please contact Anovator customer support to initiate after-sales, please explain the reason and provide the invoice or screenshot to confirm the order number.
2. Anovaor customer service will reply within 24 working hours.

Within 7-14 working days after receiving the advance payment (according to the quantity).

We recommend using alcohol-based wipes to clean our devices. Please avoid using large amounts of water, corrosive liquids, or high pressure washers during cleaning, as this may damage the internal electronics. Always disconnect the device from the mains power supply before cleaning to minimize risk of electric shock.

Charder's Body Composition Analyzers have a specified age range for measurement accuracy. For example, the
recommended age range for best results is between 6 and 85 years old for the MA601 and MA801. This is not
due to safety concerns - BIA is safe for all ages, and you can safely measure someone that is outside of the recommended age range with no problem!

Patients with embedded electronical medical devices (ex: pacemakers) are prohibited from using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) devices, because of the fear of the electrical current used for measurement affecting the embedded device.

Because stents are not powered by electricity, there is no potential safety risk caused by BIA measurement.

In general, there is the potential for slight measurement inaccuracy if the patient has significant amounts of metal embedded in their body, as metal is highly conductive, which may cause the device to misinterpret results. However, stents are not nearly large enough to make a noticeable difference like a large metal implant in your foot might.

Exercise can cause a temporary change in impedance, and thus may influence measurement results. Intensive
exercise can increase blood circulation that may continue for an extended period of times, and we recommend
avoiding measurements shortly after exercise.

BIA scans are not recommended for the following groups:

Pregnancy, Nursing Mothers - Body composition algorithms are based on "normal" healthy adults. Because body composition for pregnant women and nursing mothers is relatively inconsistent (particularly body water), results should be used for reference only.

Prosthetics, Amputation - Measurement current needs to pass through both hands and feet to operate correctly. If subject has amputated limbs or prosthetics, the scan will not function correctly.

Embedded Metal - Measurement utilizes electrical conductivity properties of the human body. Metal conductivity is higher than that of body tissue, and may cause inaccurate measurement results.

For best results, we recommend following the guidelines below:

No vigorous exercise - Measure before exercise, not after! Exercise affects circulation and body water, which will affect measurement accuracy.

Use the bathroom - The effect of body waste on electrical conductivity is unknown, and may be interpreted as fat mass.

Avoid food and drink 2 hours before measurement - The effect of food and drink (digested and undigested) on electrical conductivity is unknown, and may be interpreted as fat mass.

Input data correctly - Charder body composition analyzers utilize input data (Height, Age, Gender) and measurement data (Weight, Impedance) to measure body composition. If input is incorrect, interpretation of results will also be inaccurate.

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